Tripped Nitch

Tripped Nitch


5.0 Promotion

5.0 Promotion and Tripped Nitch ©

Της κκ; the cc, centimetre cubic, clout chaser, spelled of He Ng Ki leaded by President Director Chancellor and General Marketing Sponsorship with forces armed promoter and contender as benefits as 10% and 48% Kikouks Paok Ltd income, also 52% and 90% beneficial the company employees, represents social politics (Non Government and Government) Tripped Nitch ©. 

Meta unsourced;

Promoter: holding company launches, 52% benefits, with or without unrivalry in seminar and webinar.

Contenders: Adv-ing, preparation, to Gala Promotion.

Promotion: (Hot prospect) 12% Statistical Economic Traffic.

Contension from Contenders: (Struggling/unsuggested) below 12% Statistical Economic Traffic.

Kikouks Paok is Tripped Nitch in English

Junior Research fellowship, U.C.N.S, Ardika Hengki.

General Marketing Sponsorship

Job description:

1. As pre-professor; 

promoting and contending certain participants or audiences through companies such Kikouks Paok Ltd, One publication Corporate, Nine Business Market incorporate, Tripped Nitch ©, Premiere Profrevha Organisation, Profrevha ™, Profrevha One, Spy Agent Intelligent, includes Google, Facebook, Simdif, and other authorities business company development.

2. As Promoter; collected business materials and introduce it or more via audiences or participants at seminar or webinar.

3. As contenders; Promoter assistant; prepare gala promotion to the end conviction of business company development. (Problem and solution)


1. Kikouks Paok Ltd memberships signature.

2. Emerging business company development signature.

3. Represent loyalty to organization. (Briefings, meeting, etc)


Tripped Nitch
Tripped Nitch

The brand ambassador and TN-Mediapreuneur, Arts, and design (friendliest)| Catya Moon Art

We're now open!
We're now open!

Name: Danielsen Katja

Birthday: 24 July 1992

Address: Skæelskør, Denmark, 4230

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Hengki Ardika
Hengki Ardika

Name: Hengki Ardika

Birthday: 08 January 1986

Address: Aceh Tamiang, Indonesia, 24474

E-mail: Hengki's e-mail

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